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Public Finance and Management is an international interdisciplinary journal devoted to increasing knowledge of public finance and administration through policy analysis, empirical research, and theoretical inquiry.

Editor: M. Peter van der Hoek

2014 Articles

Vol. 14, No. 1
Symposium on Bankruptcy in Local Governments

Introduction: Through The Complexity of Bankruptcy in Local Governments by ERIC SCORSONE and EMANUELE PADOVANI

The Financial Crisis in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania by JANE BECKETT-CAMARATA and CLEOPATRA GRIZZLE

Default Without Capital Account: The Economics of Municipal Bankruptcy by LOTTA MOBERG and RICHARD E. WAGNER

Does Bankruptcy Really Matter? The Solvency of Municipal Governments in the Chicago Metropolitan Region by REBECCA HENDRICK and ANDREW CROSBY

Bankruptcy: The Divergent Cases of the City and the County of San Bernardino by RICHARD F. CALLAHAN and MARK PISANO

Book review of The Public Budgeting and Finance Primer: Key Concepts in Fiscal Choice by RICHARD E. WAGNER

Vol. 14, No. 2
Symposium on Developing a Property Tax Expenditure Budget


A note on the distributional consequences of use value assessments by DANIEL COOGAN, MICHAEL E. BELL and DAVID BRUNORI

Consequences of assessment limits by KATRINA D. CONNOLLY and MICHAEL E. BELL

Preferential assessment for open space by JEFFREY O. SUNDBERG

Property tax abatement as tax expenditure? by ROBERT W. WASSMER

Property tax expenditures: classified property tax systems by TERRI A. SEXTON

Income based property tax relief: circuit breaker expenditures by JOHN E. ANDERSON

Vol. 14, No. 3
Public Finance After the Crisis: U.S.A

Introduction: Challenges of Intergovernmental Management by JASON S. SELIGMAN

Detroit property tax delinquency: Social contract in crisis by JAMES ALM, TIMOTHY R. HODGE, GARY SANDS and MARK SKIDMORE

Blind, broke, and bedlam: Differentiating fiscal stress from bankruptcy in California by AKHEIL SINGLA, JAMES COMEAUX and CHARLOTTE L. KIRSCHNER

Involuntary retirement, U.S. social security program participation and the Great Recession by JASON S. SELIGMAN

Single Article: Collecting and disbursing: Increasing cash management efficiency through the utilization of bank services by STEVE MODLIN

Vol. 14, No. 4
Symposium on Fiscal Disparity and Equalization

Introduction by YONGHONG WU and BO ZHAO

Falling Short: Intergovernmental Transfers in China by YONGZHENG LIU, JORGE MARTINEZ-VAZQUEZ and BAOYUN QIAO

Rich Districts, Poor Districts: The Property Tax Equity Impact of Arkansas School Finance Equalization by MEAGAN M. JORDAN, DAVID CHAPMAN and SHARON L. WROBEL

Spatial Decomposition of Funding Inequality in China’s Basic Education: A Four-Level Theil Index Analysis by WEN WANG and ZHIRONG ZHAO

Decomposing inequality in compulsory education finance in China: 1998-2008 by WEN WANG

Government layers and fiscal transfers—a quasi-experiment of fiscal reform in China by HAI (DAVID) GUO

Announcement: External Referees 2014 by M. PETER VAN DER HOEK

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