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Public Administration Quarterly is a general journal publishing single-article manuscripts and symposia in all areas of public administration, and is committed to the consistent use of the blind-review process in making publishing decisions.

Editor: T. Aaron Wachhaus

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2015 Articles

Vol. 39, No. 1
Symposium on Social Justice, part II

Disenfranchisement: Historical Underpinnings and Contemporary Manifestations by BRANDI BLESSETT

A Muted Voice? Red Tape and Latino Political Participation by KARINA MORENO SALDIVAR

Justifying and Juxtaposing Environmental Justice and Sustainability: Towards an Inter-Generational and Intra-Generational Analysis of Environmental Equity in Public Administration by LAURIE KAYE NIJAKI

The Social Justice (of) Movement: How Public Transportation Administrators Define Social Justice by GERARD C. WELLMAN

Single Article: The Sachse Problem: Lessons for Assessing City Services in the Wake of the Great Recession by NICOLAS VALCIK, STUART MURCHISON, TEODORO BENAVIDES, and TODD JORDAN

Vol. 39, No. 2

The Great Defection: How New City Clusters Form To Escape County Governance by LEORA WALDNER and RUSSELL M. SMITH

Accountability And Micromanagement: Decentralized Budgeting In Massachusetts School Districts by DOUGLAS SNOW and AIMEE WILLIAMSON

Explaining The Use Of Recommended Practices And Guidelines: The Case Of Public Budgeting by DAVID J. HELPAP

Hide In Plain Sight: The Uneven Proliferation Of Special Districts Across The United States By Size And Function by NICHOLAS BAUROTH

Diversity Management Practices, Do They Make A Difference? Examining Consequences Of Their Adoption In Local Governments by YONGBEOM HUR and RUTH ANN STRICKLAND

Vol. 39, No. 3

E-Procurement Implementation in the United States: Understanding Progress in Local Government by DANIEL BROMBERG and AROON MANOHARAN

A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effects of Service Consolidation on Local Government Expenditures by CRAIG S MAHER

Public Administration, Market Values, & the Public Interest: A Kohlbergian Perspective by ANTHONY D. MOLINA

An Advanced Degree in Public Administration Is It Valued by City Councils? by JAMES VANDERLEEUW, JASON SIDES and BRIAN WILLIAMS

On the Edge of a Glass Cliff: Women in Leadership in Public Organizations by AMY E. SMITH

Road to Ruin? Horizontal Equalisation of Road Grant Allocations in Eastern Mainland Australian States by JOSEPH DREW and BRIAN DOLLERY

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