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Public Administration Quarterly is a general journal publishing single-article manuscripts and symposia in all areas of public administration, and is committed to the consistent use of the blind-review process in making publishing decisions.

Editor: T. Aaron Wachhaus

ASPA Affiliated with ASPA's Section on Professional and Organizational Development

Affiliated with the Southeast Conference for Public Administration

2014 Articles

Vol. 38, No. 1

A New Institutionalism Analysis of Electricity Sector Reform: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives by SHLOMO MIZRAHI and EYAL TEVET

Performance Measurement, Accountability, and Transparency of Budgets and Financial Reports by JAMES MELITSKI and AROON MANOHARAN

Fiscal Dependence and Bureaucratic Responsiveness in State Environmental Regulation by NEAL D. WOODS

Economic Theory and the Big Economy by DAVID JOHN FARMER

Vol. 38, No. 2

Enterprising Government: The Political and Financial Effects of Fee-Supported Municipal Services by HEE SOUN JANG and MYUNGJUNG KWON

Human Resources and Emergency Planning: Preparing Local Governments for Times of Crisis by STACEY MANN

Preparing Future Public Servants: Role of Diversity in Public Administration by MEGHNA SABHARWAL, IMANE HIJAL-MOGHRABI and MARCENE ROYSTER

Local Government Staff Involvement In The External Audit Process: Reassessing Independent Auditee Satisfaction Levels Among Professionally Administered County Governments by STEVE MODLIN and LA SHONDA STEWART

Resilient Governance: The Many Faces of Unity by MARGARET STOUT

Vol. 38, No. 3

Special Districts as Institutional Choices for Service Delivery: Views of Public Officials on the Performance of Community Development Districts in Florida by GINA SCUTELNICU

Emulation, Learning, Or Competition? Examining Inter-County Anti-Smoking Laws In The State Of Missouri by JOSHUA L. MITCHELL and LA SHONDA M. STEWART

Contrasting Work Values of Baby Boomers and Generation X Rural Public School Principals by KAREN SEIPERT and TIMOTHY BAGHURST

Bureaucratic, Leadership, and Workforce Representation among Female Administrators, Principals, Assistant Principals, and Classroom Teachers In U.S. School Districts, 2002-2008 by BRINCK KERR, GRACE RUSK KERR and WILL MILLER

Public and Private Dimensions of Grantmaking Foundations by KANDYCE M. FERNANDEZ and MARK A. HAGER

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